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At Favemanc we continue developing new products consistent with our awareness for the environment, renewable energy and energy efficiency in construction. In thiscontext, our R & D department has created CERAVOLT
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This new system is the union of two products: Ceramic ventilated facade (with all its benefits) and the photovoltaic panel. To merge these concepts into a single piece, photovoltaic panels get integrated in our own system of ventilated façade, thus taking advantage of the full potential of the facades for their direct and indirect exposure to the sun for power generation while aesthetic. As we do with ventilated façades, this new system should be treated individually in terms of design and modulation.

The system must be tailored to each building and for this task we offer our best working tools, making available to the client our technical team to develop with him any project or solving any queries that may arise. CERAVOLT is composed of a clinker extruded stoneware piece and a photovoltaic module, put together by rolling the two pieces, which allows its fully integration in a ventilated facades.

Isolated Photovoltaic Electric Installations . Eco-Ceravolt Panel

In this type of installation, the energy produced is used for own consumption.Depending on the volume of generation and housing needs, the building will be energy self-sufficient or simply will reduce it energy demand from external supplier.In the case of self consumption, it is desirable to have storage batteries for getting energy during periods of inactivity of the cells (nights and day with low solar radiation).


The components of such installations are:

•Ecoceravolt photovoltaic glass whose number depends on the surfaceto be covered and the amount of energy required.

•Batteries: to store generated energy.

•Inverter: for converting DC into AC.

•Charge regulator: regulates the amount of energy sent to the storage batteries.

Photovoltaic installation connected to the grid. EcoCeravolt Module

In this case the installation is connected to the conventional power grid in order to sell the energy produced by the PV system.The connection is simple, since it is the existing one (usually all buildings have a power grid connection).As long as bonus for renewable energy production exists, this option will be interesting, since it allows selling energy at a much higher price that it is bought. When both prices got equal (bonus suppression and electric tariff rises), normal situation will be that energy is used for self-consumption.


The components of the EcoCeravolt PV installation connected to the grid are:

•CERAVOLT photovoltaic glass whose number depends on the surface to be covered and the amount of energy required.

•Converter: for converting DC into AC.

•Overcurrent protection: Ensures safety and isolation of the plant with thermal and differential protection switches.

•Meter boxes: They tend to be bidirectional, recording the energy consumed and produced.

•Wiring: is dimensioned according to the power and the number ofinstalled photovoltaic glass modules.